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About Us

ENRG Consulting, Inc. North America’s fastest growing Career Transition Firm.

Welcome to ENRG Consulting. We turn Career Transition into a contact sport!

The team at ENRG (pronounced ENERGY) have developed a powerful career transition program to meet the high standards of expectations set by key Human Resource executives across north America.

Human Resource executives told us they wanted a comprehensive career transition program that would be able to achieve four specific goals.

  1. The first goal was to design a program that would be robust and immediately effective. A focused solution providing instant results for each colleague entrusted to the program.
  2. The second goal established that the program had to offer on-site separation assistance in order to help key managers navigate the separation process.
  3. The third goal determined that the program must be economical for the company providing these services. This goal was developed to offer outplacement services to colleagues that may otherwise not receive these benefits. It allows HR executives the ability to stretch their budget dollars and include more colleagues.
  4. The fourth goal was that every employee would receive a guarantee in writing when participating in our program. A guarantee that would continue upon hire in their next organization. Should their position be effected and Career Transition services not be provided within 12 months, they would be allowed to return back through the entire program provided by ENRG again from start to finish at no cost, with no restrictions.

At ENRG, we believe that no employee should leave a company without the assistance that outplacement provides to help them cross the bridge to reemployment.

CareerMap is the culmination of all FOUR of the these goals coming together and solely focused on each colleague with immediate results. CareerMap has proven to be the secret weapon in the Career Transition industry.

While producing extraordinary results, such as our 71 day average return to work rate making our program stand out as “Best in Class” in the Outplacement industry. It is clear that Human Resource executives have continued to view ENRG Consulting as North America’s preferred career transition partner. With more than 100 office locations, as well as distant training technology across the United States, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom our team stands ready to help you.

Whether your organization is experiencing a single separation, or a coordinated reduction in force up to facility closure, we work with you and your team to provide a logical methodical process to ensure success of every colleague involved.For additional information regarding our program, pricing or general questions regarding service & delivery, please feel free to contact us today. Our team follows a strong code of ethics and any provided is discreet and confidential.

This concentrated power has created some very satisfying statistics. We currently boast an average return-to-work rate of 71 days. That figure is the best in the industry.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of having a qualified career transition organization on your side.